Beginning Google Sketchup for 3D Printing

  • 3h 24m
  • Sandeep Singh
  • Apress
  • 2010

The age of 3D printing and personal fabrication is upon us! You’ve probably heard of the incredibly sophisticated, yet inexpensive 3D printers that can produce almost any creation you give them. But how do you become part of that revolution?

Sandeep Singh takes you through the skills you need to learn and the services and technologies you need to know—explaining what 3D printing is, how it works, and what it can do for you. You’ll find yourself rapidly prototyping and learning to produce complex designs that can be fabricated by online 3D printing services or privately-owned 3D printers—in your hands in no time.

Beginning Google SketchUp for 3D Printing starts by explaining how to use SketchUp and its plug-ins to make your design products. You will learn how to present and animate 3D models, and how to use Google Earth and 3D Warehouse to sell and market your 3D models. You'll also catch a glimpse of the 3D printing's future so you can plan ahead while mastering today's tools.

Beginning Google SketchUp for 3D Printing is the perfect book for 3D designers, hobbyists, woodworkers, craftspeople, and artists interested in the following:

  • Designing in 3D using SketchUp
  • Using the online 3D printing pipeline
  • Animating SketchUp 3D models
  • Becoming familiar with rapid prototyping technology
  • Navigating new 3D and personal fabrication technologies
  • Working with Google Earth and 3D Warehouse with confidence

Welcome to the era of 3D printing and personal fabrication!

About the Author

Sandeep Singh currently works as a project engineer in technical support of Energy Management Software (EMS). He has a bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering from California State University, Sacramento and a master's degree in biomedical engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Sandeep started using SketchUp in 2007 after taking a class in product design and development where he learned how CAD software can be used to prototype models for biomedical prostheses and artificial organs. He found SketchUp to be the simplest modeling software to use and yet advanced enough to design complicated models for his own projects.

In this Book

  • The Ins and Outs of Google SketchUp and Shapeways
  • First 3D Printout
  • Getting Your Juices Flowing
  • 3D Model to 3D Print
  • Tools and Techniques to Save Time
  • Breaking the Barrier
  • Modeling with Photographs
  • Working with Symmetry
  • Share with the World
  • Animate with SketchyPhysics
  • Using LayOut
  • Exploring 3D Printing Alternatives