Beginning Hybrid Mobile Application Development

  • 2h 11m
  • Mahesh Panhale
  • Apress
  • 2016

Today, a mobile device user prefers installed application over browsing internet; e.g. booking cab, buying movie tickets, watching you tube videos etc. Market share of mobile devices based on android, iOS & Windows Phone is considerable. Creating an installable application targeting these multiple devices involves too much of pain because of expertise required e.g. Java for android, Objective C for iOS and DotNET for Windows Phone. Shortcomings of this development approach are - more development time, it requires different expertise & involves less reusability of the code.

A solution to this problem is HTML 5, JQuery, CSS 3 based - Hybrid Mobile Applications.

These hybrid applications needs to be created once but after packaging can be deployed on multiple mobile devices like Android, iOS & Windows Phone. This kind of application development has edge over native application development.

Beginning Hybrid Mobile Application Development by Panhale can help each entity involved in mobile application development. With availability of multiple coding and packaging platforms; HMAD has even become more easy. Since HMAD happens in HTML & Javascript it's even possible that with small effort conditionally; existing web application can be converted into mobile based application. HMAD can give larger audience for many web applications by making it available as mobile application.

This book covers:

  • Basics of Hybrid Application Development
  • Platforms, Frameworks used for Hybrid Application Development
  • Internals of how hybrid applications work
  • Hybrid Application Development using available APIs
  • Accessing data in hybrid application
  • Role of JSON over XML in hybrid application
  • Code Security

This book will change the paradigm of mobile application development as the efforts are less, learning curve is small, success ratio is high and monetary benefit is on higher side!

About the Author

Mahesh is a technology evangelist . He has bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He has over 12+ Years of experience in technology consulting & development. He has done consulting & delivered training(s) on multiple technologies to 300+ software companies & corporate client(s). He also runs a software development firm named Bonaventure Systems based in Pune.

He has done 16+ professional certification(s) on Microsoft technologies also deliver(s) session(s), techtalks to community being Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He has also delivered session for MSDN in the past on topic(s) like azure, cloud computing etc.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Mobile Application Development Ecosystems
  • Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • Building Blocks of HMAD
  • Creating Your First Hybrid Application
  • HMAD: Internals
  • Data Access in HMAD
  • UI for HMAD
  • Using Device Features in HMAD
  • How to Advertise with HMAD
  • Working with Third-Party Services in HMAD
  • Setup and Deployment
  • Case Study: A Practical Approach


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