Beginning Laravel: A Beginner's Guide to Application Development with Laravel 5.3

  • 1h 46m
  • Sanjib Sinha
  • Apress
  • 2017

Learn about dependency injection, interfaces, service providers, SOLID design, and more with practical and real-world code examples. This book covers everything you need to get started in application development with Laravel 5.3. Beginning Laravel covers features such as method injection, contracts, and authentication.

After reading this book, you can develop any application using Laravel 5. It details all you need to know, including the model-view-controller pattern, SQLite databases, routing, authorization, and building CRUD applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Work with the new Laravel framework and its new features
  • Develop web applications with Laravel
  • Absorb the concepts of authentication and database migration
  • Manage databases with Eloquent ORM
  • Use middleware, contracts, and facades

Who This Book Is For

Readers who are new to Laravel development.

About the Author

Sanjib Sinha writes stories and codes - not in the same order always.

He started with C# and .NET framework and won Microsoft Community Contributor Award in 2011. Later Open Source Software movement attracted him and he became a Linux, PHP and Python enthusiast, specializing and working on White Hat Ethical Hacking.

As a beginner he had to struggle a lot - always - to find out an easy way to learn coding. No one advised him that coding is like writing - imagining an image and bringing it down on the Earth with the help of words and symbols. All through his books he has tried to help the beginners from their perspectives - as a beginner.

In this Book

  • Composer
  • Laravel Homestead, Virtual Box, and Vagrant
  • File Structure
  • Routing, a Static Method
  • Controller Class
  • View and Blade
  • Environment
  • Database Migration
  • Eloquent
  • Model, View, Controller Workflow
  • SQLite is a Breeze!
  • Fiddly Feelings of Forms
  • A CRUD Application
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • More About Validation
  • Eloquent Relations
  • How Security and Authentication Work Together
  • How Request, Response Work in Laravel 5
  • Contracts vs. Facades
  • Middleware, Layer Filter, and Extra Security