Beginning Perl

  • 11h 47m
  • Curtis "Ovid" Poe
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2012

Perl is the ever-popular, flexible, open source programming language that has been called the programmers’ Swiss army knife. This book introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced ones who are looking to learn a new language. In the tradition of the popular Wrox Beginning guides, it presents step-by-step guidance in getting started, a host of try-it-out exercises, real-world examples, and everything necessary for a Perl novice to start programming with confidence.

  • Introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced ones who want to learn a new language
  • Provides a host of real-world applications for today's environments so readers can get started immediately
  • Covers the new features of Perl but fully applicable to previous editions

Beginning Perl provides the information and instruction you need to confidently get started with Perl.

About the Author

Curtis "Ovid" Poe has specialized in Perl since 2000. He is an author, a regular guest speaker at conferences across Europe and the United States, and he wrote the test harness that currently ships with the Perl language.

In this Book

  • What is Perl?
  • Understanding the CPAN
  • Variables
  • Working with Data
  • Control Flow
  • References
  • Subroutines
  • Regular Expressions
  • Files and Directories
  • sort, map, and grep
  • Packages and Modules
  • Object Oriented Perl
  • Moose
  • Testing
  • The Interwebs
  • Databases
  • Plays Well with Others
  • Common Tasks
  • The Next Steps


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