Beginning Power Apps: The Non-Developer's Guide to Building Business Applications, Second Edition

  • 11h 15m
  • Tim Leung
  • Apress
  • 2021

Transform the way your business works with easy-to-build apps. With this updated and expanded second edition, you can build business apps that work with your company's systems and databases, without having to enlist the expertise of costly, professionally trained software developers.

In this new edition, business applications expert Tim Leung offers step-by-step guidance on how you can improve all areas of your business. He shows how you can replace manual or paper processes with modern apps that run on phone or tablet devices. For administrative and back-office operations, he covers how to build apps with workflow and dashboard capabilities. To facilitate collaboration with customers and clients, you’ll learn how to build secure web portals with data entry capabilities, including how to customize those portals with code.

This hands-on new edition has 10 new chapters―including coverage on model-driven and portal apps, artificial intelligence, building components using the Power Apps Component Framework, using PowerShell for administration, and more―complete with context, explanatory screenshots, and non-technical terminology.

What You Will Learn

  • Create offline capable mobile apps and responsive web apps
  • Carry out logic, data access, and data entry through formulas
  • Embellish apps with charting, file handling, photo, barcode, and location features
  • Set up Common Data Service, SharePoint, and SQL data sources
  • Use AI to predict outcomes, recognize images, and analyze sentiment
  • Integrate apps with external web services and automate tasks with Power Automate
  • Build reusable code and canvas components, make customizations with JavaScript
  • Transfer apps and data, and secure, administer, and monitor Power Apps environments

Who This Book Is For

Beginners and non-developers, and assumes no prior knowledge of Power Apps

About the Author

Tim Leung is a software developer with more than 10 years of experience in designing and building large-scale commercial applications. He is a recognized expert in the field of rapid application development and his previous publication with Apress, Visual Studio LightSwitch, covers this topic in depth. Tim is a Microsoft certified developer, a chartered member of the British Computer Society, and holds a degree in information technology.

In this Book

  • Introducing Power Apps
  • Subscribing to Power Apps
  • Creating Your First App
  • Sharing Apps
  • Using Formulas
  • Setting Up SharePoint, SQL, and More
  • Working with Tables, Rows, and Collections
  • Searching and Retrieving Data
  • Canvas App Design
  • Using Simple Controls
  • Using Table/Record Data Controls
  • Building a Dataverse Database
  • Developing Model-Driven Apps
  • Building Portal Apps
  • Retrieving Data from Portal Apps
  • Working with Images and Media
  • Storing and Retrieving Files
  • Integrating Maps and Location Services
  • Charting Data
  • Adding Artificial Intelligence to Apps
  • Building Reusable Canvas Components
  • Building Reusable Code Components
  • Working Offline
  • Creating Custom Data Connectors
  • Using Power Automate
  • Transferring Apps and Data
  • Administering Security