Best Boss!

  • 2h 22m
  • Duncan Ferguson, John Furcon, Toni M Pristo
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2021

Distilled from accounts of individual best boss stories, research and author experience, this book unlocks the powerful secrets of best boss leadership by providing a systemic approach for leading the best boss way.

The authors also suggest strategies for reducing organizational barriers to successful leadership development.

This book is offered for those who are looking to make a meaningful leadership difference in this challenging and chaotic world. It will inspire you to become the best possible boss you can be!

In this Book

  • Description
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Courtney’s Story—Perspective of a GenXer
  • A Simple Study
  • The Best Boss Leadership Approach
  • Leads from a Higher Purpose
  • Activates Potential
  • Promotes Dynamic Autonomy
  • Provides Pervasive Feedback
  • Inspires Continuous Learning
  • How to Become a Better Boss
  • Jeff’s Story—Perspective from a Baby Boomer
  • Why Best Bosses Matter
  • Our Aspiration—More Best Bosses!
  • Why Don’t We Have More Best Bosses?
  • Hope on the Horizon
  • Lees’ Story—A Millennial’s Perspective
  • References


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