Better Onboarding

  • 1h 43m
  • Krystal Higgins
  • A Book Apart, LLC
  • 2021

When users try your product for the first time, what keeps them coming back? Onboarding can make the difference between abandoned accounts and devoted use—if we design it as a holistic, ongoing process.

Krystal Higgins demonstrates how the best onboarding experiences guide people as they interact, helping them follow their own path to success. Gain practical strategies and techniques for designing effective guidance, whether you’re working through a redesign, launching new features, rolling out service updates, or welcoming back returning users. Set aside the tutorials, manuals, and intrusive instructions of the past, and learn how to use guided interaction to help users find their way—and get value out of every step.

About the Author

Krystal Higgins is a UX designer who connects the dots between products, systems, and the people who use them. She’s taught teams across the world how to design better, human-centered onboarding at events like SXSW, An Event Apart, UX London, and UX Days Tokyo; through her catalog of first-run experiences at; and through her onboarding articles at Krystal has more than 15 years of experience in the US and Australia designing innovative products for mobile, web, wearable, and new platforms at companies like NVIDIA, eBay, and Google. When she’s not working on tech-meets-humans projects, she enjoys painting, illustration, and scuba diving

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • “Let’s Get Started!”
  • What is Onboarding?
  • Getting Ready for New Users
  • Mapping Onboarding Journeys
  • Guidance in Action
  • Presenting Guidance
  • Scaling Guidance
  • “You’re all Set!”
  • Resources
  • References