Beyond Teams: Building the Collaborative Organization

  • 4h 5m
  • Craig McGee, Linda Moran, Michael M. Beyerlein, Sue Freedman
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2003

The flagship book for the new Collaborative Work Systems Series, Beyond Teams provides an overview of this growing field, defines the basic principles, and points the direction toward a series of books. You'll find a framework designed to help you understand the potential and the means of achieving it throughout the key functions of business.

About the Authors

Michael M. Beyerlein is director of the Center for the Study of Work Teams and professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of North Texas. He has edited or cowritten twelve books on collaboration.

Craig McGee is a principal with Solutions, and president and past-president of the Organization Design Forum, a professional society dedicated to the theory and practice of designing high-performing organizations.

Linda Moran works for AchieveGlobal. She has written or coauthored five books, including Self-Directed Work Teams: The New American Challenge.

Sue Freedman is founder and president of Knowledge Work Associates, a consulting firm specializing in collaboration and change in complex organizations.

In this Book

  • Beyond Teams—Building the Collaborative Organization
  • Prologue
  • Building the Collaborative Organization
  • The Ten Principles of Collaborative Organizations
  • Collaboration in Manufacturing Settings
  • Collaboration in New Product Development Settings
  • Collaboration in Service Settings
  • Collaboration in Virtual Settings
  • Moving Forward