Big Data & Internet Of Things: What, How, and Why?

  • 15m
  • Ahmed Fahmy, Hussam Refaat, Rudaina Mawy
  • EMC
  • 2015

Authored by EMC Proven Professionals, Knowledge Sharing articles present ideas, expertise, unique deployments, and best practices. This article explores how Big Data and Internet of Things continue to be enhanced to adapt to data proliferation and customer needs.

In this Book

  • Big Data & Internet of Things—What, How, and Why?
  • Introduction
  • Big Data—Overview & Underlying Technology
  • IoT Overview & Components (RFID, WSNs, etc.)
  • Why Only Big Data & Internet of Things Combined Bring Value
  • Success Factors/Key Elements to Drive IOT/Big Data Market Growth
  • Value & Impact on Business and Industries
  • Benefits Brought to Businesses (By Industry)
  • Big Data and Internet of Things Challenges
  • Conclusion
  • References and Bibliography