Biodegradable Polymers: Materials and their Structures

  • 2h 16m
  • Manjari Sharma
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2021

This book is about development of biodegradable polymers alternatives, which are required to save our reserves of fossil fuels and to save our mother earth from further environmental degradation. This book deals with the family of biodegradable polymers which have to be prepared with a novel idea of studying polymers with a “Cradle to Grave” approach. It touches upon basic materials, which can be potential materials to prepare biodegradable polymers with their basic structures, properties, behaviour and limitations known till date. This book will help students in understanding various characterization techniques which can be used for the study of identification of functional group, structural properties, thermal behaviour, crystallographic nature, mechanical properties and morphological properties through FTIR–ATR for physico chemical properties, DSC & TGA for thermal studies, XRD for crystallographic studies & SEM for morphological studies. It also provides an overview of various testing methods to analyse biodegradability including standard guideline for evaluation of biodegradation and compostability of polymer material through ASTM/ISO/EN standard methods.

About the Author

Manjari Sharma, Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies & Research, Delhi, India

In this Book

  • Dedication
  • Preface
  • List of Abbreviation
  • Introduction
  • Classification of Polymers
  • Materials and Their Structures
  • InTill Date
  • Characterization Techniques
  • Biodegradation
  • Glossary