Blockchain Data Analytics For Dummies

  • 5h 16m
  • Michael G. Solomon
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2020

Blockchain came to prominence as the disruptive technology that made cryptocurrencies work. Now, data pros are using blockchain technology for faster real-time analysis, better data security, and more accurate predictions. Blockchain Data Analytics For Dummies is your quick-start guide to harnessing the potential of blockchain.

Inside this book, technologists, executives, and data managers will find information and inspiration to adopt blockchain as a big data tool. Blockchain expert Michael G. Solomon shares his insight on what the blockchain is and how this new tech is poised to disrupt data. Set your organization on the cutting edge of analytics, before your competitors get there!

  • Learn how blockchain technologies work and how they can integrate with big data
  • Discover the power and potential of blockchain analytics
  • Establish data models and quickly mine for insights and results
  • Create data visualizations from blockchain analysis

Discover how blockchains are disrupting the data world with this exciting title in the trusted For Dummies line!

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Driving Business with Data and Analytics
  • Digging into Blockchain Technology
  • Identifying Blockchain Data with Value
  • Implementing Blockchain Analytics in Business
  • Interacting with Blockchain Data
  • Parsing Blockchain Data and Building the Analysis Dataset
  • Building Basic Blockchain Analysis Models
  • Leveraging Advanced Blockchain Analysis Models
  • Identifying Clustered and Related Data
  • Classifying Blockchain Data
  • Predicting the Future with Regression
  • Analyzing Blockchain Data over Time
  • Writing Models from Scratch
  • Calling on Existing Frameworks
  • Using Third-Party Toolsets and Frameworks
  • Putting it All Together
  • Ten Tools for Developing Blockchain Analytics Models
  • Ten Tips for Visualizing Data
  • Ten Uses for Blockchain Analytics