Brand Storytelling: Put Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story

  • 4h 15m
  • Miri Rodriguez
  • Kogan Page
  • 2020

Despite understanding essential storytelling techniques, brands continue to explain how their product or service can help the customer, rather than showcasing how the customer's life has changed as a result of them. Brand Storytelling gets back to the heart of brand loyalty, consumer behaviour and engagement as a business strategy: using storytelling to trigger the emotions that humans are driven by. It provides a step by step guide to assess, dismantle and rebuild a brand story, shifting the brand from a 'hero' to 'sidekick' mentality, and positioning the customer as a key influencer to motivate the audience.

Written by the award-winning storyteller Miri Rodriguez at Microsoft, Brand Storytelling is a clear, actionable guide that goes beyond content strategy, simplifying where to begin, how to benchmark success and ensuring a consistent brand voice throughout every department. Inspiring with interviews, advice and case studies from leading brands like Expedia, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Adobe and Google, it clarifies why machine-learning, AI and automation only tell one side of the story. Aligning an emotive connection with the customer's personal values, experiences and aspirations will enable brand leaders, employees and influencers to celebrate and strengthen brand engagement for long-term growth, rather than trying to win it.

About the Author

Miri Rodriguez is an award-winning storyteller and creative journalist at Microsoft. She is a renowned keynote speaker and international thought leader in brand storytelling, personal branding and youth entrepreneurship. Her previous clients include Adobe, Discover, Walmart and McKesson.

In this Book

  • Brand Storytelling: What is It?
  • Where do I Start?
  • The Magic (And Magic Tricks) in Storytelling
  • IMC Reimagined: Building an Integrated Marketing Plan with Story
  • The Brand Story Hero: Put Your Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story
  • If Story is Magic, Vulnerability is the Magic Wand
  • Ethics in Storytelling: When to Use Your Secret Weapon
  • Immersive Storytelling: Exploring the Story Experience
  • Your Best Brand Storytellers: Employees and Influencers
  • Marketing (Actually, Testing) Your Brand Story
  • Benchmarking Your Brand Story
  • Villains and Antagonists: The Bad Guys Who Want to Tear Down Your Brand Story
  • The Future of Brand Storytelling: How AI, Machine Learning and Automation Can Tell Only One Side of the Story
  • Inspire Your Brand Story: INterviews with Leading Storytellers Around the World