Build Your Cultural Agility: The Nine Competencies of Successful Global Professionals

  • 3h 58m
  • Paula Caligiuri
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

The investment in global collaboration technology now exceeds US$45 billion. Professionals who work across cultures face some of the most cognitively, psychologically and emotionally difficult challenges, regardless of whether they work virtually or in person. And they often face these challenges without the help of a corporate guide.

Build Your Cultural Agility is that guide. This book offers strategies to help you develop into a successful global professional, one who can comfortably and effectively work in and with people from different cultures. This book helps you leverage your natural strengths while providing suggestions for developing cultural agility competencies.

Build Your Cultural Agility focuses on nine specific competencies that comprise cultural agility: three self-management competencies (tolerance of ambiguity, curiosity and resilience), three relationship-management competencies (humility, relationship-building and perspective-taking) and three task-management competencies (cultural minimization, cultural adaptation and cultural integration). Within each chapter, the author provides a case example of that competency in action, explains why the competency is critical for success, offers a self-awareness exercise to help you determine your level of proficiency and concludes with suggestions for self-development.

About the Author

Paula Caligiuri is a D'Amore-McKim School of Business Distinguished Professor of International Business at Northeastern University, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been named as one of the most prolific authors in international business for her work in cross-cultural management, global leadership development and cultural agility. She is President of TASCA Global, a consulting firm that works with organizations on assessing and developing culturally agile professionals. She is a frequent expert guest on CNN and CNN International, and author of a LinkedIn Learning course, "Managing Globally."

In this Book

  • Cultural Agility for Intercultural Effectiveness
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity for Comfort in a Novel Environment
  • Curiosity to Expand Your Understanding of Cultural Differences
  • Resilience to Cope When Cultural Differences Produce Challenges
  • Humility to Learn from others Who are Culturally Different from You
  • Relationship Building to Expand Your Professional Network across Cultures
  • Perspective Taking to Empathize and Understand People from a Different Culture
  • Cultural Adaptation to Respond as Expected in a Culturally Diverse Situation
  • Cultural Minimization to Uphold a Standard in a Culturally Diverse Situation
  • Cultural Integration to Create New Norms for Group Success in a Culturally Diverse Situation
  • Using Your Cultural Agility for Career Success