Building DMZs for Enterprise Networks

  • 12h 51m
  • Damiano Imperatore, Thomas W. Shinder, Will Schmied, et al.
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2003

After reading Building DMZs for Enterprise Networks you will understand how to design, plan, implement, maintain, secure, and test a DMZ segment using a variety of technologies. This one-of-a-kind book by best-selling authors Robert Shimonski and Dr. Thomas W. Shinder will teach you DMZ design principles and show you how to configure the hardware that makes up DMZs, securely populate the DMZs with systems and services, and implement security on a DMZ.

  • Understand DMZ Concepts and Layout: See how to plan your network security and why, and learn the risks of implementing DMZs.
  • Master Intrusion Detection Systems in the DMZ: Set up a honeypot, configure IDS, use CiscoSecure IDS and Snort, and set up an IDS on a small budget.
  • Design and Implement a Wireless DMZ: Learn why we need wireless DMZs and how to build the wireless DMZ. Find wireless DMZ examples and a wireless LAN security best-practices list.
  • Build Infrastructure With Different Firewall Vendors: Use Cisco PIX firewalls, Check Point NG, Nokia solutions, and Microsoft ISA Server 2000 with your DMZ segment and control its traffic.
  • Master the Basics of DMZ Routers and Switch Security: Secure the most commonly forgotten pieces of the DMZ—the connecting hardware—and completely harden your edge systems.
  • Understand DMZ-Based VPN Services: Learn how you place VPN Services in the DMZ and learn the differences between site-to-site VPNs and other set ups.
  • Place Sun Systems on Your DMZ: Get a look at Sun Solaris bastion hosts, control access to resources, and lock down your systems.
  • Build Windows 2000 Bastion Hosts on Your DMZ: Learn Windows 2000 specifics and see how to configure security, set up remote administration of DMZ hosts, and vulnerability-scan your hosts.
  • Hack the DMZ: Get into the mind of the hacker and see what you need to do to secure the DMZ before hackers tear into it.

In this Book

  • Building DMZs for Enterprise Networks
  • Foreword
  • DMZ Concepts, Layout, and Conceptual Design
  • Windows 2000 DMZ Design
  • Sun Solaris DMZ Design
  • Wireless DMZs
  • Firewall Design—Cisco PIX
  • Firewall and DMZ Design: Check Point NG
  • Firewall and DMZ Design: Nokia Firewall
  • Firewall and DMZ Design—ISA Server 2000
  • DMZ Router and Switch Security
  • DMZ-Based VPN Services
  • Implementing Wireless DMZs
  • Sun Solaris Bastion Hosts
  • Windows 2000 Bastion Hosts
  • Hacking the DMZ
  • Intrusion Detection in the DMZ