Building Single Page Application Using ASP.NET Core and Angular

  • 2h 30m
  • Rahul Sahay
  • BPB Publications
  • 2018

Building Single Page App using ASP.NET Core and Angular is not at all meant for freshers or for those who just started programming. This Book covers tons of client-server side technologies. For example it uses ASP.NETCore, Entity FrameworkCore, WebAPI, Repository Pattern, UnitofWork Pattern, Angular, Responsive design principles, HTML 5, Solid Principles, Design Patterns, etc. to name a few. Now to illustrate each and every concept right from the scratch is fairly impossible as it kills the purpose of writing this book. This book is for my readers who regularly ask me to write something combining all these principles. There are tons of developers and professionals around the world who know these concepts in bits and pieces but don’t know how to connect the dots to build as an application. This book is entirely written around industry & coding standard, design principles. Hence, if you are fresher or just started your job, I would recommend to understand basics first and then refer this book. Otherwise, this will appear overwhelming at the beginning. From the second chapter, you will find questions section at the end of every chapter. If you are following this book precisely, you should be able to answer these questions on your own. These are project specific questions which are generally asked in any technical interviews.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Getting Started
  • Creating Solution from the Blank Slate
  • Creating Data Context
  • Implementing Web API
  • Getting Started with Angular
  • Deeper into Angular
  • Adding More Features using Angular
  • Adding More Features to the App
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB