Building Wealth One House at a Time, Revised and Expanded Third Edition

  • 5h 13m
  • John Schaub
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2023

Discover how to buy and finance property to produce income and build wealth with the bible on real estate investment—revised and updated for the post-COVID market

Since its debut publication nearly two decades ago, Building Wealth One House at a Time has established itself as the go-to guide for everyday investors seeking proven strategies for buying and financing properties. The latest edition, completely updated and featuring 5 all-new chapters, continues to be the best resource for making your first million in real estate.

As a nationally recognized expert with demonstrable success over five decades, real estate investor John Schaub shows you how you can accumulate a million dollars of houses debt free, with a steady cash flow for life. In Building Wealth One House at a Time, Third Edition, he shows how his time-tested method works in the post-Covid market, and how an ethical approach to buying, financing and managing property can help you weather any real estate climate.

You’ll discover how to choose houses that will make you the most money, how to know how much a house is worth before you make an offer, how to borrow without going to a bank, and more. Additional new chapters provide savvy advice on how to buy with cash flow in any market, negotiate benefits (not price), and how buying right separates the rich from the rest. You’ll also learn how to implement the ideas in this book while you’re working another job, or transitioning from working to full-time investing.

New chapters include:

  • Change Happens, Are You Ready?
  • Do You Want to Be Rich or Earn a Lot of Money?
  • Retiring Sooner with More
  • Keep It Simple—Investing with Fewer Moving Parts
  • The Tax Advantages of Investing in Property

About the Author

John W. Schaub has survived and prospered as a full-time investor since the early 1970s. During that time, he weathered five major recessions and as many interest rate swings and tax law changes. In 1975, he co-authored (and still teaches) the original nationwide seminar on investing in single-family homes. More than 10,000 students have attended this seminar. He continues to actively acquire and manage real estate investment today, and advises students and readers about opportunities and pitfalls in the markets.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • How Buying One House at a Time Can Make You Wealthy
  • Buying the House That Will Make You the Most Money
  • Finding Opportunities That Others Miss
  • Knowing What a House is Worth before You Make An Offer
  • Know How You are Going to Pay for a House Before You Buy
  • What Makes Some Debt Dangerous and How to Borrow Safely
  • Borrowing Without Going to a Bank
  • Investing with others for Their Benefit and Yours
  • Making the Offer
  • Using a Real Estate Contract to Your Advantage
  • Motivating Agents to Bring You Opportunities and Get Your Offers Accepted
  • Secrets of Professional Negotiators
  • Attracting and Retaining Long-Term, Low-Maintenance Tenants
  • Renting to Your First Tenant
  • Deciding When to Sell
  • Selling On Lease/Options to Generate Larger Profits
  • Tax Advantages of Investing in Property
  • Buying and Selling Houses to Produce Cash Flow
  • Change Happens—Always Be Ready
  • Finding and Buying Preforeclosures and Foreclosures
  • Paying off Debt Smarter and Faster
  • Retiring Sooner with More
  • Investing with Fewer Moving Parts
  • Do You Want to Get Rich or Just Earn a Lot of Money?
  • Making it Big on Little Deals
  • The Fuller Center for Housing
  • Introduction
  • Embrace Change—It Will Never Stop