Business Process Management: Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations, Second Edition

  • 8h 8m
  • Johan Nelis, John Jeston
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2008

Business Process Management: Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations provides organizational leadership with an understanding of Business Process Management and its benefits to an organization. This is an easy-to-use, easy-to-read guide that provides a practical framework, complete with a set of tools and techniques, to successfully implement Business Process Management projects. In addition, it features vital organizational perspectives that not only provide an overall view of BPM and the move towards a process-centric organization, but also reveal how to embed BPM within an organization to ensure a continuous business process improvement culture.

About the Authors

John Jeston has been working in the business and IT industries for over thirty years, covering project management, business process management, business process reengineering, systems development, outsourcing, consulting and general management. In addition to his consulting roles, he has held the positions of financial controller, divisional manager, director of a software company, HR director and CIO.

John now specializes in business process management strategy, coaching, advice and implementations, and runs an independent BPM consultancy practice, Management By Process Pty Ltd. John and his team build internal BPM skills and capabilities within organizations; complete Board and CEO process reviews; provide clients with a ‘road map’ for the creation of a sustainable, successful and repeatable business process improvement programs and organizational culture. He presents at conferences, holds workshops and is an author and course director of a BPM distance learning program in Australia. He also writes a regular column for BP Trends.

Johan Nelis has international experience as a hands-on Business Process Management Consultant. He has established and managed a BPM practice of thirty consultants in the Netherlands, and is also co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Dutch BPM Forum. Johan has worked for the United Nations as an Advisor. He is well known for his drive to transfer knowledge and experiences, and has shown that he is capable of motivating and stimulating people. He has initiated many BPM training courses and lectured at a postgraduate course.

Johan has carried out assignments in a wide variety of sectors, with the main emphasis on finance and telecom. He specializes in aligning processes with strategy, business objectives and IT. He has also performed many process audits, and is able to pinpoint fundamental problems, formulate quick wins, and provide innovative and sustainable solutions. Furthermore, he is good at initiating and overseeing implementations of BPM and ensuring that the people are able to perform their activities better and independently. Johan is a lead consultant at a specialist BPM consultancy, where he provides strategic advice on business process services and supervises a team of BPM consultants. He has presented at seminars and hosted workshops at several BPM conferences in Europe and Australia. Johan is an author and course director of BPM distance learning programs in The Netherlands and Australia and writes a regular column for BP Trends.

In this Book

  • How Can We Demystify Business Process Management?
  • What is Business Process Management?
  • Why is it Important to Improve Business Processes Before Automating Them?
  • When Should You Do BPM – What are the Main Drivers and Triggers?
  • Who Should Be Involved in BPM?
  • Why are Organizational Strategy and Process Architecture Important in BPM Implementation?
  • How Do You Sell BPM Technology to the Organization?
  • What are the Critical Success Factors in a BPM Project?
  • What are the Critical Implementation Aspects for a BPM Solution?
  • Why Do You Need a Structured Approach to Implementing BPM?
  • Framework Overview
  • Guidelines on How to Use the Framework
  • Organization Strategy Phase
  • Process Architecture Phase
  • Launch Pad Phase
  • Understand Phase
  • Innovate Phase
  • People Phase
  • Develop Phase
  • Implement Phase
  • Realize Value Phase
  • Sustainable Performance Phase
  • Essentials Introduction
  • Project Management
  • People Change Management
  • Leadership
  • BPM Maturity
  • Embedding BPM within the Organization
  • References and Bibliography