C# 24-Hour Trainer, Second Edition

  • 8h 26m
  • Rod Stephens
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2016

Quickly learn to program in C# programming with this unique book

C# 24-Hour Trainer, 2nd Edition is your quick and easy guide to programming in C#, even if you have no programming experience at all. Updated to align with the latest C# standard, this book is your comprehensive beginner's guide, with each lesson supplemented by a video, for over ten hours of video training. Each chapter focuses on a specific concept or technique, with detailed, easy-to-follow explanation followed by a hands-on exercise. The goals of each exercise are outlined in advance to help you understand what you're working toward, and step-by-step instructions walk you through the operation from start to finish. Complex areas are clarified with specifically highlighted pointers that head off confusion, and additional exercises are provided so you can practice your new skills. Full instructor ancillaries are included to make this guide classroom ready, and the author's own website offers ongoing support.

C# has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world, with millions of lines of code used in businesses and applications of all types and sizes. This book helps you dive right in so you can start programming right away.

  • Start right in with the latest C# standard
  • Learn at your own pace, with hands-on practice
  • Clear up confusion and work around common obstacles
  • Build your own Windows, .NET, and mobile applications

C# has become a increasingly popular and in-demand programming skillsets. If you've decided to learn C#, this 24-Hour Trainer is your ultimate guide.

About the Author

Rod Stephens is a programming guru, C# specialist, and the author of 30 programming books covering C#, Java, VB, and more. His C# Helper website (www.csharphelper.com) is a trusted resource in the programming community, receiving tens of thousands of monthly hits for the helpful tips, tricks, and code for professional C# programmers. Rod has applied his expertise in diverse fields, from communications to professional sports training.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with the Visual Studio IDE
  • Creating Controls
  • Making Controls Arrange Themselves
  • Handling Events
  • Making Menus
  • Making Tool Strips and Status Strips
  • Using RichTextBoxes
  • Using Standard Dialogs
  • Creating and Displaying New Forms
  • Building Custom Dialogs
  • Using Variables and Performing Calculations
  • Debugging Code
  • Understanding Scope
  • Working with Strings
  • Working with Dates and Times
  • Using Arrays and Collections
  • Using Enumerations and Structures
  • Making Choices
  • Repeating Program Steps
  • Reusing Code with Methods
  • Handling Errors
  • Preventing Bugs
  • Defining Classes
  • Initializing Objects
  • Fine-Tuning Classes
  • Overloading Operators
  • Using Interfaces
  • Making Generic Classes
  • Using Files
  • Printing
  • Windows Store Apps
  • Windows Phone Apps
  • Localizing Programs
  • Programming Databases, Part 1
  • Programming Databases, Part 2
  • LINQ to Objects
  • LINQ to SQL
  • Afterword—What's Next?


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