Career Re-Invention in the Post-Pandemic Era

  • 6h 35m
  • Shalin Hai-Jew
  • IGI Global
  • 2022

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity was facing economic hardships with human jobs going to automation, AI, and machines. In the downward slope of the pandemic, large percentages of the world’s population are without work, and many are still in isolation and social distancing for biosafety and health. If it is true that crisis brings out opportunities, then this is a highly opportune moment for humanity to redefine and move forward.

Career Re-Invention in the Post-Pandemic Era explores how people in their respective localities are adapting for a new economy through new understandings of the world and concomitant reconceptualizations of the self. This work addresses how people are thinking of the present and the near-future, how people are surviving the present moment of sparsity and shortages, and how people are retooling themselves to adapt to a new economy. Covering topics such as digital skills, K-12 education, and entrepreneurship, this book is an essential resource for faculty of higher education, K-12 administrators, government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sociologists, economists, researchers, and academicians.

About the Author

Shalin Hai-Jew works as an instructional designer at Kansas State University (K-State) and taught for WashingtonOnline for a number of years through 2014. She has taught at the university and college levels for many years (including four years in the People’s Republic of China) and was tenured at Shoreline Community College but left tenure to pursue instructional design work. She has Bachelor’s degrees in English and psychology, a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Washington (Hugh Paradise Scholar), and an Ed.D in Educational Leadership with a focus on public administration from Seattle University (where she was a Morford Scholar). She reviews for several publications and publishers, and is editor of several IGI Global titles. Dr. Hai-Jew was born in Huntsville, Alabama, in the U.S.

In this Book

  • Retooling the Self for the Post-Pandemic Economy—Identity, Work, and Well-Being
  • Entrepreneurship Education as a Driver for Economic Recovery in the Post-Pandemic Era
  • Career Retooling in a Pandemic-Recovery Phase
  • Equipping Higher Education Students with Digital Skills for the Post-Pandemic World
  • Returning to the In-Person Workplace in a (Post?) Pandemic Context
  • Skills, Practices, and Emotions for Teaching in Times of Pandemic—An Analysis of Pre-School, Primary, and Secondary School Teachers (Argentina, 2020)
  • Collaborative Trade Exchange and the COVID-19 Event—Barter in the Andean Subregion of Ecuador
  • Permanent Changes in the Tourism Industry—The Case of Galicia, Spain
  • Innovations in Agriculture and Tourism for Tanzania’s Workforce beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Sustainable Career in Agile Environment—Cross-Sectorial Investigations
  • Career Re-Invention Through Entrepreneurial Mindset and Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Post-Pandemic Era—Multiple Cases from the Developed and Developing Countries
  • Conclusion
  • Compilation of References