Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, Third Edition

  • 11h 12m
  • Art Carpenter
  • SAS Institute
  • 2016

For SAS programmers or analysts who need to generalize their programs or improve programming efficiency, Art Carpenter thoroughly updates his highly successful second edition of Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language with an extensive collection of new macro language techniques and examples.

Addressing the composition and operation of the SAS macro facility and the SAS macro language, this third edition offers nearly 400 ready-to-use macros, macro functions, and macro tools that enable you to convert SAS code to macros, define macro variables, and more! Users with a basic understanding of Base SAS who are new to the SAS macro language will find more detail, utilities, and references to additional learning opportunities; advanced macro language programmers who need help with data-driven macros and dynamic application development will find greatly expanded treatment of these topics.

This revised and enlarged edition includes the following topics:

  • New and expanded introduction to the macro language
  • Functions, automatic macro variables, and macro statements new to the macro language
  • Expanded macro language tools that interface with the operating system
  • Expanded data-driven methodologies used to build dynamic applications
  • Expanded discussion of list processing, with four alternative approaches presented
  • Additional file and data management examples
  • Expanded discussion of CALL EXECUTE and DOSUBL
  • New discussion of using the macro language on remote servers
  • Expanded discussion and examples of macro quoting

Far beyond a reference manual issued from an “ivory tower,” this book is pragmatic and example-driven: Yes, you will find syntax examples; yes, the code is explained. But the focus of this book is on actual code used to solve real-world business problems. In fact, an entire appendix is dedicated to listing the nearly 70 classes of problems that are solved by programs covered in this edition. Discussion of the examples elucidates the pros and cons of the particular solution and often suggests alternative approaches. Therefore, this book provides you both a compendium of reusable and adaptable code, and opportunities for deepening your understanding and growing as a SAS programmer.

About the Author

Art Carpenter, an independent consultant and statistician, has been a SAS user since 1977. His impressive list of publications includes Carpenter’s Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques; Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS REPORT Procedure; Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, Third Edition; Annotate: Simply the Basics; his co-authored Quick Results with SAS/GRAPH Software; and two chapters in Reporting from the Field. He also has served as the general editor of Art Carpenter's SAS Software Series. As an Advanced SAS Certified Professional, Art has presented more than a hundred papers, posters, and workshops at SAS Global Forum, SAS Users Group International (SUGI) conferences, and various SAS regional conferences. Art has received several best-contributed-paper awards, and he has served in a variety of leadership roles for local, regional, national, and international users groups, including conference chair and executive board member of the SAS Global Users Group.

In this Book

  • About This Book
  • What the Language is, What it Does, and What it Can Do
  • Defining and Using Macro Variables
  • Defining and Using Macros
  • Using Macro Parameters
  • Controlling Programs with Macros
  • Interfacing with Data Set Values
  • Using Macro Functions
  • Discovering Even More Macro Language Elements
  • Exploring Some Less Common Intermediate Topics
  • Building and Using Macro Libraries
  • Writing Dynamic Programs
  • Examples of Dynamic Programs
  • Examples and Utilities to Perform Various Tasks
  • Miscellaneous Topics
  • Bibliography