Change Now! Five Steps to Better Leadership

  • 23m
  • Cynthia D. McCauley, Jean Brittain Leslie, Peter Scisco, Rob Elsey
  • Center for Creative Leadership
  • 2014

You want to start working on the next steps in your career. Your boss made remarks in your last performance review that you want to take action on. You know now the kind of leader you aspire to be and want to pursue your aspirations. You have an "enduring weakness" that motivates you to improve. You feel bored or stale in your current job and want to develop new capabilities. If you've experienced those things or have had similar experiences, then you know that what makes you successful now won't take you to the next level of performance or leadership. Successful leaders have the ability to adapt, change, and reinvent themselves. They thrive on change. Do you? The FIVE STEPS in Change Now! will help you become the leader you aspire to be by guiding you through a process of change. Use this book to identify where to focus your development energy, create goals that work for you, craft a plan for achieving your goals, overcome obstacles, and stay on course. Don't wait. Become the leader you want to be, the leader you need to be.

About the Authors

Peter Scisco curates content for CCL's publishing program to bring practical solutions to leaders at alevels of organizations. He believes that good development plans are like good writing—practical, intentional, direct, and, when possible, fun.

Cynthia D. McCauley is a senior fellow at CCL. She has studied and written a lot about leader development, especially how on-the-job experiences help leaders learn and grow. She is a strong advocate for the power of learning goals for accomplishing personal and professional change.

Jean Brittain Leslie is a senior fellow and director of applied research services at CCL. She creates practical tools for leaders in all kinds of organizations. Her passion to help those leaders create engaging and rewarding developmental plans drove her interest in writing this book.

Rob Elsey is a senior faculty at CCL. He enthusiastically believes that the journey of self-development is an important process and that it deserves simple, powerful tools and methods to support learning and growth. He lives by the mantra that "everyone is on their own journey."

In this Book

  • Change Now!—Five Steps To Better Leadership
  • Introduction
  • Pick an Area for Change
  • Make Goals That Work For You
  • Craft a Plan
  • Deal With Obstacles
  • From Plan to Action