Cleaning Excel Data with Power Query Straight to the Point

  • 22m
  • Oz du Soleil
  • Tickling Keys
  • 2019

Author Oz Du Soleil's area of frustration with Excel is cleaning data. From his earliest days with Excel, he has found himself constantly needing to fix names that are ALLCAPS, peel addresses away from phone numbers, and fixing all the many other things that prevent data from being useful. In this intro to Power Query, Oz shows you five core techniques in Excel Power Query: Splitting data, Filling blanks, Joining data sets, grouping and summarizing, and adding columns using Column From Examples.

In this Book

  • First, Some Background for Power Query
  • Getting Data Into Power Query
  • Fill Up and Fill Down
  • Parsing Text
  • Sorting in Power Query
  • Merging Data—Joining and Appending
  • Grouping Data
  • Refreshing and Updating Data
  • Adding Columns