Cloud Database Development and Management

  • 6h
  • Lee Chao
  • CRC Press
  • 2014

Although today’s job market requires IT professionals to understand cloud computing theories and have hands-on skills for developing real-world database systems, there are few books available that integrate coverage of both. Filling this void, Cloud Database Development and Management explains how readers can take advantage of the cloud environment to develop their own fully functioning database systems without any additional investment in IT infrastructure.

Filled with step-by-step instructions, examples, and hands-on projects, the book begins by providing readers with the required foundation in database systems and cloud-based database development tools. It supplies detailed instructions on setting up data storage on Windows Azure and also explains how readers can develop their own virtual machines with Windows Server 2012 as the guest operating system.

The book’s wide-ranging coverage includes database design, database implementation, database deployment to the cloud environment, SQL Database, Table Storage service, Blob Storage service, Queue Storage service, and database application development. The text deals with all three aspects of database design: conceptual design, logical design, and physical design. It introduces the SQL language, explains how to use SQL to create database objects, and introduces the migration of the database between Windows Azure and the on-premises SQL Server. It also discusses the management tasks that keep both SQL Database and Windows Azure running smoothly.

Detailing how to design, implement, and manage database systems in the cloud, the book provides you with tools that can make your cloud database development much more efficient and flexible. Its easy-to-follow instructions will help you develop the hands-on skills needed to store and manage critical business information and to make that data available anytime through the Internet.

About the Author

Lee Chao, PhD, is a professor in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics division at the University of Houston–Victoria, USA. He earned his PhD at the University of Wyoming, USA.

Dr. Chao has been teaching IT courses for over 20 years. His current research interests are database system development and cloud computing. Dr. Chao is the author of over a dozen research articles and books in various areas of IT.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Database Systems and Cloud Computing
  • Database Design and Windows Azure Data Storage
  • Table Normalization and Windows Azure SQL Database
  • Database Development and Management with SQL
  • Importing and Exporting Database Objects
  • Querying Information in Windows Azure SQL Database
  • Windows Azure SQL Database Procedures and Functions
  • Windows Azure SQL Database Views, Indexes, and Federations
  • Database Application Development
  • Windows Azure and Deployment of Applications to the Cloud
  • Windows Azure Storage
  • Windows Azure Management
  • Bibliography