Coaching Excellence: Best Practices in Business Coaching

  • 2h 51m
  • Sylviane Cannio, Viviane Launer
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2011

Coaching as a technique to help managers develop their skills and fulfil their potential is now one of the most used in business. As well as professional business coaches, managers themselves are required to coach their staff these days. This book comprises twelve case studies in coaching, based on individuals who were unhappy with their professional lives – relationship difficulties in the office, managing emotions, a new management culture after a merger, problems with staff experienced by an entrepreneur, and motivation in the workplace are some of the situations that are covered. Of these case studies, ten are based on difficulties experienced by the individual and two are about coaching teams of people. By analysing such cases in detail and the role of coaching in each, the authors present the best practices and techniques in business coaching.

About the Authors

Cannio and Viviane Launer are experienced executive coaches. Their clients come from around the world and they were previously presidents of the International Coach Federation in Belgium and Spain, respectively.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Some Theory
  • Case No. 1—Annie's Goal—To Balance her Personal and Professional Life
  • Case No. 2—Henry Would Like to Manage his Emotions Better
  • Case No. 3—Jack is Not Keen on Selling
  • Case No. 4—Andrew Can not Longer Find his Place in his NGO
  • Case No. 5—Sandra is Unable to Adapt
  • Case No. 6—Fatima is Afraid of her Boss
  • Case No. 7—Karen can't Say no
  • Case No. 8—Mark has Dug Himself in
  • Case No. 9—Cecilia Always Wants More
  • Case No. 10—Frank is Looking for a New Job
  • Case No. 11—Let's Use the Move to Make a New Start
  • Case No. 12—Let's Refocus Our Activities
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Bibliography