COBIT 5 Implementation

  • 1h 46m
  • 2012

This guide and COBIT 5 recognize that information and related information technologies are pervasive in enterprises and that it is neither possible nor good practice to separate business and IT-related activities. The governance and management of enterprise IT should therefore be implemented as an integral part of enterprise governance, covering the full end-to-end business and IT functional areas of responsibility.

This publication provides a good-practice approach for implementing governance of enterprise IT (GEIT) based on a continual improvement life cycle that should be tailored to suit the enterprise's specific needs. It covers the following subjects:

  • Positioning GEIT within an enterprise
  • Taking the first steps towards improving GEIT
  • Implementation challenges and success factors
  • Enabling GEIT-related organisational and behavioural change
  • Implementing continual improvement that includes change enablement and programme management
  • Using COBIT 5 and its components

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Positioning GEIT
  • Taking the First Steps Towards GEIT
  • Identifying Implementation Challenges and Success Factors
  • Enabling Change
  • Implementation Life Cycle Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Using the COBIT 5 Components


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