Cognitive Engineering for Next Generation Computing: A Practical Analytical Approach

  • 5h 25m
  • E. Vamsidhar, G. R. Kanagachidambaresan, Kolla Bhanu Prakash, V. Srikanth
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021

The cognitive approach to the IoT provides connectivity to everyone and everything since IoT connected devices are known to increase rapidly. When the IoT is integrated with cognitive technology, performance is improved, and smart intelligence is obtained. Discussed in this book are different types of datasets with structured content based on cognitive systems. The IoT gathers the information from the real time datasets through the internet, where the IoT network connects with multiple devices.

This book mainly concentrates on providing the best solutions to existing real-time issues in the cognitive domain. Healthcare-based, cloud-based and smart transportation-based applications in the cognitive domain are addressed. The data integrity and security aspects of the cognitive computing main are also thoroughly discussed along with validated results.

In this Book

  • Introduction to Cognitive Computing
  • Machine Learning and Big Data in Cyber-Physical System: Methods, Applications and Challenges
  • HemoSmart: A Non-Invasive Device and Mobile App for Anemia Detection
  • Advanced Cognitive Models and Algorithms
  • iParking—Smart Way to Automate the Management of the Parking System for a Smart City
  • Cognitive Cyber-Physical System Applications
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Tools Used for Research in Cognitive Engineering and Cyber Physical Systems
  • Role of Recent Technologies in Cognitive Systems
  • Quantum Meta-Heuristics and Applications
  • Ensuring Security and Privacy in IoT for Healthcare Applications
  • Empowering Secured Outsourcing in Cloud Storage Through Data Integrity Verification


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