Collins Business Secrets: NLP

  • 1h 17m
  • Carolyn Boyes
  • HarperCollins
  • 2010

The NLP secrets that experts and top professionals use.

Get results fast with this quick, easy guide to the fundamentals of NLP (neuro linguistic programming)

Includes how to:

  • Identify role models and study how they communicate
  • Build instant rapport in any business situation
  • Understand the body language of colleagues and competitors
  • Overcome barriers to success you previously hadn’t known about
  • Use NLP skills to think and act decisively

About the Author

Carolyn Boyes MA (hons) DCH is a qualified NLP trainer who has already written two bestselling books on the subject. She works as a consultant with businesses and governments around the world, specialising in providing in-depth coaching to executives at all levels.

In this Book

  • Collins Business Secrets—NLP
  • Learn how to use NLP in business
  • Be ‘at cause’
  • Know your map
  • Look below the surface
  • Recognize your preferred sense
  • Discover your beliefs
  • Identify your business values
  • Be observant
  • Have well-formed visions
  • Don’t just try…DO it
  • Commit and take action
  • Break old habits
  • Use failure as feedback
  • Ask questions
  • Be specific
  • Establish rapport
  • Pay attention
  • Watch the eyes
  • Don’t mention the blue tree
  • Create a positive state
  • Discover your direction
  • Know the reason why
  • Be convincing
  • Reward interests
  • Offer the right sized chunks
  • Separate externals from internals
  • Manage mismatchers
  • Respect values
  • Believe in yourself and other people
  • Change your perspective
  • Change your negative thoughts
  • Change the frame
  • Anchor positive feelings
  • Change your language
  • Respond positively to criticism
  • Be your own success coach
  • Model excellence
  • Learn from the masters
  • Use stories
  • Vary your voice
  • Use the 4-Mat system
  • Run a great meeting
  • Know your client
  • Ask questions
  • Check out what’s important
  • Paint a happy future
  • Get agreement along the way
  • Talk your client’s language
  • Handle objections simply
  • Use power words
  • Watch your ‘buts’!
  • Jargon buster
  • Further reading


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