Commercialization of Innovative Technologies: Bringing Good Ideas to the Marketplace

  • 4h 41m
  • C. Joseph Touhill, Gregory J. Touhill, Thomas A. O'Riordan
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2008

Have a great idea for new technology? Let this expert guide be your blueprint for successful entrepreneurship—from building an innovation team to bringing a product to market. Commercialization of Innovative Technologies takes you through the complete lifecycle of product innovation, including screening, funding, development, and commercialization. It gives you an edge as it focuses on three core areas that set the stage for successful commercialization: developing and managing an "innovation team" of inventors, investors, technologists, and entrepreneurs; building a portfolio that spreads risk; and leveraging input from technologists throughout the commercialization process.

Commercialization of Innovative Technologies offers an effective strategy for exploiting good ideas and putting them into practice successfully by building an innovation team that is best equipped to commercialize technology. This book:

  • Outlines and emphasizes the importance of the "innovation team"
  • Addresses tactical issues such as how to find, fund, develop, design, and demonstrate innovative technology
  • Explains the lifecycle of product innovation and the dynamics of bringing good technological innovations into practice

About the Authors

C. Joseph Touhill, PhD, PE, DEE, is President of Touhill Technology Management Corp., which specializes in environmental technology and management consulting. Dr. Touhill has been an engineering manager of major projects for more than forty years, twenty-three of which he served as Chief Executive Officer. He is a Fellow of both the AIChE and ASCE and is the author of more than eighty books and journal articles.

Gregory J. Touhill, MS, is Commander, 81st Training Wing, Keesler Air Force Base,Biloxi, Mississippi. Colonel Touhill led the team that was awarded the 2006 U.S. Air Force Science and Engineering Achievement Award.

Thomas A. O'Riordan, MS, is Director of the Omaha field office of the Raytheon Co.,where he manages major programs focusing on preservation of national security. General O'Riordan also has thirty-two years of distinguished service with the United States Air Force as a command pilot and as Commander of the USAF Personnel Center.

In this Book

  • Establishing Perspective
  • Our Perspective
  • Developing an Endgame
  • Finding Ideas
  • Investing in Ideas
  • Assessing Ideas
  • Paying for and Controlling Ideas
  • Developing Ideas
  • Designing and Building Technology
  • Demonstrating Technology
  • Standardizing Technology
  • Packaging Technology
  • Applying Technology
  • Marketing and Selling Technology
  • Tracking Technology
  • Monitoring Technology
  • Improving Technology
  • Building on Success and Learning from Failure
  • Bibliography