Competency Toolkit, Volumes 1 and 2

  • 5h 23m
  • David D. Dubois, William J. Rothwell
  • Human Resource Development Press
  • 2000

Are you looking for a quick, yet systematic and planned approach to competency assessment and competency-focused individual employee development planning? Look no further! The Competency Toolkit provides you with the tools you'll need to win key management support for, and to develop and implement powerful competency-based employee performance enhancement opportunities within your organization. The Competency Toolkit contains the most innovative methods, procedures, suggestions, and materials to help your organization initiate or advance its use of competency identification and modeling technologies to its ultimate advantage.

The Competency Toolkit includes the critical resources and information that a competency program manager needs in order to gain organization-wide support for competency identification, and to implement competency modeling, competency assessment, and competency-focused individual development initiatives. Also included are more than 300 overhead masters, detailed briefing presentation outlines, and the handouts for briefings that are typically needed to implement competency initiatives in an organization. In addition, comprehensive competency menus for leadership and individual contributor jobs found in organizations, "do's and don'ts,' explanations of "best practices,' a host of instruments, forms, competency card-sort activities, templates, and similar tools needed to implement credible competency practices, and an extensive bibliography, are valuable key components of this must-read resource!

In this Book

  • Gaining Organizational Support for Competency Identification
  • Creating Competency Models Step-By-Step
  • Using a Competency-Based Multi-Rater Assessment System
  • Helping Individuals Build Their Competencies—Individual and Managerial Contract Development