Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor

  • 7h 11m
  • Kraig Mitzner
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2009

This book provides instruction on how to use the OrCAD design suite to design and manufacture printed circuit boards. The primary goal is to show the reader how to design a PCB using OrCAD Capture and OrCAD Editor. Capture is used to build the schematic diagram of the circuit, and Editor is used to design the circuit board so that it can be manufactured. The book is written for both students and practicing engineers who need in-depth instruction on how to use the software, and who need background knowledge of the PCB design process.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to PCB Design and CAD
  • Introduction to the PCB Design Flow by Example
  • Project Structures and the PCB Editor Tool Set
  • Introduction to Industry Standards
  • Introduction to Design for Manufacturing
  • PCB Design for Signal Integrity
  • Making and Editing Capture Parts
  • Making and Editing Footprints
  • PCB Design Examples
  • Artwork Development and Board Fabrication