CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide with Online Labs: Exam XK0-004, 4th Edition

  • 18h 6m
  • Christine Bresnahan
  • Sybex
  • 2021

Virtual, hands-on learning labs allow you to apply your technical skills using live hardware and software hosted in the cloud. So Sybex has bundled CompTIA Linux+ labs from Practice Labs, the IT Competency Hub, with our popular CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide, Fourth Edition. Working in these labs gives you the same experience you need to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ Exam XK0-004 that you would face in a real-life setting. Used in addition to the book, the labs are a proven way to prepare for the certification and for work in the IT and cybersecurity fields where Linux is fundamental to modern systems and security.

This is your one-stop resource for complete coverage of Exam XK0-004, covering 100% of all exam objectives. You'll prepare for the exam smarter and faster with Sybex thanks to superior content including, assessment tests that check exam readiness, objective map, real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises, key topic exam essentials, and challenging chapter review questions.

Linux is viewed by many organizations and companies as an excellent, low-cost, secure alternative to expensive OSs, such as Microsoft Windows and is crucial to today's server and cloud infrastructure. The CompTIA Linux+ exam tests a candidate's understanding and familiarity with the Linux. As the Linux server market share continues to grow, so too does demand for qualified and certified Linux administrators.

Building on the popular Sybex Study Guide approach, this book will provide 100% coverage of the NEW Linux+ Exam XK0-004 objectives. The book contains clear and concise information on all Linux administration topic, and includes practical examples and insights drawn from real-world experience.

  • Hardware and System Configuration
  • Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Security
  • Linux Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • Automation and Scripting

You'll also have access to an online test bank, including a bonus practice exam, electronic flashcards, and a searchable PDF of key terms.

And with this edition you also get Practice Labs virtual labs that run from your browser. The registration code is included with the book and gives you 6 months unlimited access to Practice Labs CompTIA Linux+ Exam XK0-004 Labs with 65 unique lab modules to practice your skills.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Assessment Test
  • Preparing Your Environment
  • Sifting Through Services
  • Managing Files, Directories, and Text
  • Searching and Analyzing Text
  • Explaining the Boot Process
  • Maintaining System Startup and Services
  • Configuring Network Connections
  • Comparing GUIs
  • Adjusting Localization Options
  • Administering Users and Groups
  • Handling Storage
  • Protecting Files
  • Governing Software
  • Tending Kernel Modules
  • Applying Ownership and Permissions
  • Looking at Access and Authentication Methods
  • Implementing Logging Services
  • Overseeing Linux Firewalls
  • Embracing Best Security Practices
  • Analyzing System Properties and Remediation
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Investigating User Issues
  • Dealing with Linux Devices
  • Troubleshooting Application and Hardware Issues
  • Deploying Bash Scripts
  • Automating Jobs
  • Controlling Versions with Git
  • Understanding Cloud and Virtualization Concepts
  • Inspecting Cloud and Virtualization Services
  • Orchestrating the Environment


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