Computer Programming and IT

  • 4h 31m
  • Er. Ashish Sharma
  • Laxmi Publications
  • 2013

This book is designed to meet the course on C and C++ programming for graduate and undergraduate engineering students as well as to help the professionals. It presents an illuminative and objective exploration of programming and covers most of the common known applications of computers. The authors discuss all the concepts such as computer organization and working, input, output and storage devices, computer virus and elimination, computer software, operating systems, application software, number system, disk operating system, and data communication and networks.

Written in a student-friendly manner the book is enriched with the following features:

  • Algorithms for a number of problems have been given to inculcate real programming skills.
  • Well illustrated programs
  • Case studies for a number of real life problems
  • Programs are set in a way so that the beginners may start and delve into complex programs
  • Straight forward exercises to illustrate the concepts at the end of the book.

The book is useful for general students, engineering students of graduate and postgraduate level, subject teachers, professionals, application programmers, and industry specialist associated with the C and C++ programming.

About the Author

Er. Ashish Sharma, and M.Tech. in Computer Science, is presently working as Head of Development of Computer Science and Information Technology in Maharishi Arvind College of Engineering & Technology, Kota, Rajasthan. Now he is pursuing Ph.D in Computer Science. An expert in C and C++ programming, he has 10 years of teaching experience and wide international exposer to C and C++ programming.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Basic Computer Organization
  • Input-Output Devices
  • Processor and Memory
  • Numbers Systems
  • Computer Codes
  • Computer Language
  • Compiler, Interpreter and Assembler
  • Need of Programming—Defining Problem
  • Planning the Computer Program


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