Computer Science with Python, Textbook XI: (As per CBSE Syllabus CODE 083)

  • 3h 28m
  • Sarika Kaushal
  • BPB Publications
  • 2022


Complete guide to Python, Class XI based on the latest curriculum and pattern.


  • Understand the concepts in an easy way.
  • New pattern of Term1 and Term2 followed.
  • Lots of questions provided for practice.
  • Good numbers of questions for hands-on practice.
  • Multiple ways explained to solve a given problem.
  • High Order thinking questions included.
  • Sample paper for Term1 and Term2.
  • Reference Questions from Sample paper and Board papers.


Computer Science with Python is an attempt to explain the basics of python concepts in an easy manner with a lot of material for hands-on practice. Authored by a Senior Teacher, this book takes care of the practical aspects of the problems faced by the students in understanding the concepts to make them not only concept ready but also exam ready.

The book has divided the topics as per the latest curriculum of CBSE and few extra concepts to make them comfortable for the next grade too. This book will help students attain confidence in programming. Sufficient material is provided for practice to make them ready for the exams too.

With an easy to understand approach, this book also helps burst myths that programming is not for everyone. There are also practical and easy to adopt tips and information that could help in improving programming skills.


  • Readers will feel comfortable with programming concepts.
  • They will be able to handle any type of problems in programming confidently.


This book is for students studying in grade XI under CBSE curriculum.

About the Author

Sarika Kaushal is a Postgraduate in Computer Science and a Senior PGT in a reputed school of Delhi with an experience of 23+ years of teaching. She has been conducting various workshops on IT Skills. She is a Master Trainer with the AIEF (All India Educators Forum). She is an Adobe Creative Educator and a Google Certified Educator. She has written many books on the Computer Science curriculum for all classes. She is also the recipient of the Most Creative Educationist Award 2020 from Educlouds. She also runs a youtube channel, CSBHASHA

LinkedIn Profile: Sarika Kaushal

In this Book

  • Coloured Images
  • Basic Computer Organization
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Encoding Schemes
  • Problem Solving
  • Python
  • Data Types
  • Flow of Control
  • Iteration
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Sorting Techniques
  • Python Modules
  • Society, Law and Ethics
  • Sample Paper