Configuring Dispute Management with SAP

  • 36m
  • Marjorie Wright
  • Rheinwerk Publishing Inc.
  • 2016

Get the tools you need to set up Dispute Management with this book! Prepare your system by performing prerequisite tasks in the Switch Framework and accessing pre-delivered BAdIs. Then, dive into the heart of configuration: setting up the case record model, creating case types, and defining profiles. Finally, integrate SAP FSCM Dispute Management with Accounts Receivable and ensure your system is ready to resolve payment discrepancies!

In this Book

  • Dispute Management at a Glance
  • Technical Prerequisites for Dispute Management
  • Business Add-Ins for Dispute Management
  • Configuring the Case Record Model
  • Configuring the Case Type
  • Configuring Profiles and Process Integration
  • Customizing in Accounts Receivable
  • What's Next?