Cooperative Strategy, 2nd Edition

  • 11h 45m
  • David Faulkner, John Child, Stephen B. Tallman
  • Oxford University Press (UK)
  • 2005

Strategic alliances are increasingly common, as many organizations, look towards various partnering arrangements. This second edition of Cooperative Strategy extends the first edition's clear and comprehensive survey of strategic alliances, presenting different disciplinary perspectives (economics, strategy, organization theory) and numerous examples from the corporate world. The text has been thoroughly revised and updated, taking account of new theoretical models, and its coverage of case studies has been extended. It will be ideal for business students and managers alike wishing to understand the challenges of managing alliances.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Economic Perspectives
  • Managerial and Organizational Perspectives
  • Trust in Cooperative Strategies
  • Motives
  • Partner and form Selection
  • Negotiation and Valuation
  • Networks
  • The Virtual Corporation
  • General Management
  • Control
  • Corporate Governance of Joint Ventures
  • Organizational Learning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Culture
  • Emerging Economies
  • Alliance Performance
  • The Evolving Alliance
  • Closing Reflections