Core Data Services for ABAP Second Edition

  • 9h
  • Jan Hrastnik, Ralf Dentzer, Renzo Colle
  • Rheinwerk Publishing Inc.
  • 2021

The definitive CDS resource is back and bigger than ever! Begin with the basics: explore CDS syntax and model types. Then learn to define CDS entities and model SAP S/4HANA application data with step-by-step instructions. You’ll develop models for analytical and transactional applications, work with the SAP S/4HANA virtual data model, and get to know the ABAP RESTful application programming model. Round out your knowledge with details on extensibility, testing, and troubleshooting. Get on the cutting edge of data modeling!

  • Develop data models with ABAP core data services
  • Create and extend models for analytical and transactional applications
  • Define annotations and associations, implement access controls, work with hierarchies, and more
  • 2nd edition, updated and expanded

CDS Data Modeling

Get started with the CDS fundamentals. Model your first CDS view and understand how to work with entity types, associations, annotations, access controls, business services, and more. Explore all-new ABAP functionality and syntax.

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

Develop application models based on SAP S/4HANA’s new ABAP RESTful application programming model. Create behavior definitions, add advanced functions, and implement handlers.

Extending, Testing, and Troubleshooting

Customize your applications and ensure they’re running smoothly. Extend CDS views with CDS entity extensions, test them with the test double framework, and troubleshoot any issues.

In this Book

  • Notes on Usage
  • Notes on the Screen Presentation
  • Preface
  • Modeling Your First CDS View
  • Fundamentals of CDS Data Modeling
  • Associations
  • Annotations
  • Access Controls
  • Business Services
  • Native SAP HANA Functions in CDS
  • Modeling Application Data
  • The Virtual Data Model in SAP S/4HANA
  • Modeling Analytical Applications
  • Modeling Transactional Applications
  • Hierarchies in CDS
  • CDS-Based Search Functionality
  • Extensions of CDS Views and View Entities
  • Automated Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • CDS Annotation Reference
  • The Authors
  • Service Pages
  • Legal Notes
  • The Document Archive