Create an Enterprise-Level Test Automation Framework with Appium: Using Spring-Boot, Gradle, Junit, ALM Integration, and Custom Reports with TDD and BDD Support

  • 2h 10m
  • Koushik Das
  • Apress
  • 2022

Think from a framework design perspective and move beyond straightforward coding skills. You’ll design an enterprise level test framework that is capable of supporting both TDD and BDD at the same time, using the latest open source tools and coding best practices. Taking a less-is-more approach, superfluous information is excised in favor of sleek and direct instruction and focused coding practices.

Your framework will be built with Spring-Boot, Gradle, and Junit. And it will support HP QC integration, Allure (TDD, BDD), Extent (BDD), and customized Pdf reporting (TDD, BDD). Extensive utilities are provided, such as HP ALM integration, device management utilities, email reporting, pdf reporting, OCR utility, Log utility, and more! There’s also a special chapter on internationalization/localization testing in multiple languages. After reading this book, you’ll have full confidence in your ability to build new test automation frameworks for yourself.

Though primarily written for software professionals who are in test automation, recent engineering graduates who have programming knowledge and want to prepare for a role in mobile test automation will also find what’s taught here helpful. Test engineers and computer science graduates alike can use what they learn here to become absolute pros in test automation.

You will:

  • Design an enterprise level mobile test automation framework capable of supporting both TDD and BDD
  • Work with the latest open source tools and coding best practices
  • Build with Spring-Boot, Gradle, and Junit while supporting HP QC integration, Allure, Extent, and customized PDF reporting

About the Author

Koushik Das is an Automation Architect with over 18 years of experience in software development, manual testing, and test automation. He has built automation frameworks for mobile, web, and desktop applications using a variety of tools. Koushik believes in leveraging the power of test automation whenever possible and has recently published a book to help mobile test automation engineers graduate to an architect role. When not testing software, Koushik likes reading, traveling, and playing with his baby daughter.

In this Book

  • Automation Framework Overview
  • Creating the Wireframe with Spring-Boot
  • Configuring Gradle
  • Creating the Properties Files
  • Creating Android, iOS, and Web Drivers on Demand
  • Enhancing the Framework—Common Mobile Actions
  • Creating Page Objects
  • Writing Your First Test Suite
  • Importing Test Data from Excel, XML, or Other Formats
  • Adding BDD Capabilities with Cucumber
  • Adding Allure and Enhanced Extent Reports
  • Creating a Pdf Report with Screenshots
  • Enhancing the Framework—Screenshots
  • Testing Multiple Apps and Versions in Same Test Suite
  • Running Scripts or Batch Files from Test Suite
  • API Testing
  • Advanced Topic 1—Adding Device Management Functions
  • Advanced Topic 2—Integrating with HP ALM
  • Advanced Topic 3—Adding Localization Testing Capabilities
  • Advanced Topic 4—Implementing Parallel Test Execution