Creating ASP.NET Core Web Applications: Proven Approaches to Application Design and Development

  • 2h 23m
  • Dirk Strauss
  • Apress
  • 2021

Design and develop an ASP.NET Core web application using .NET Core 3.0. This book shows you how to publish a web application to a web server and connect the published web application to a production database.

Creating ASP.NET Core Web Applications starts by setting up the Visual Studio project where you will learn about Razor pages, Entities, and creating a data service. You will create models along with methods to use a query string and handle bad requests. Modifying data with Tag helpers is discussed as well as installation of Entity Framework, working with database migrations, and implementing a data access service. You will learn how to use layout pages and sections with Partial Views, _ViewImports, and _ViewStart files. You also will create custom middleware and log application events. You will be able to deploy the web application as well as connect it to a SQL Server database.

You will:

  • Work with models
  • Modify data
  • Work with EF Core and SQL Server
  • Work with Razor pages and Partial Views
  • Use separate scripts for production vs development
  • Trace client-side errors using Chrome Developer tools
  • Create cascading style sheets (CSS) with Sassy CSS (SCSS)
  • Explore middleware
  • Deploy your web application to IIS

About the Author

Dirk Strauss is a software developer from South Africa who has been writing code since 2003. He has extensive experience in SYSPRO, with C# and web development being his main focus. He studied at the Nelson Mandela University, where he wrote software on a part-time basis to gain a better understanding of the technology. He remains passionate about writing code and imparting what he learns with others.

In this Book

  • Creating and Setting Up Your Project
  • Creating Models
  • Modifying Data
  • EF Core and SQL Server
  • Working with Razor Pages
  • Adding Client-Side Logic
  • Exploring Middleware
  • Web Application Deployment