Creating Authentic Organizations: Bringing Meaning and Engagement Back to Work

  • 3h 59m
  • Lisa Sofianos, Robin Ryde
  • Kogan Page
  • 2014

The authors explore the flaws in traditional leadership and offer a framework for a set of management principles relating to self-management, empowerment and the freedom to operate. By sewing back the schism between the corporate persona and the authentic self and re-framing the role of management, this book helps professionals find meaning at work.

Creating Authentic Organizations works beyond the limited remit of authentic leadership and shows how this concept can and should be applied to a workforce to enhance innovation, productivity and adaptability. With models and strategies, it explains how to ensure more authentic dialogue between employees to both discuss smaller issues and have open and meaningful discussion around threats and challenges.

About the Authors

Robin Ryde is an international leadership consultant, established author and co-director of He is the Head of Leadership with the Oxford Group and a fellow of Ashridge Business School. He is also the author of Never Mind the Bosses (Wiley), Thought Leadership and Custom Built Leadership (both Palgrave Macmillan).

Lisa Sofianos is an executive coach, leadership developer and co-director of She works with senior executives within a broad spectrum of companies through various challenges, specializing in leadership resilience, coping with transition and helping leaders deal with intractable issues.

In this Book

  • The Building Blocks of Authenticity: A Summary for Busy People
  • Solomon’s Solution
  • A Design for Workplace Authenticity
  • The First Freedom: The Freedom to Operate
  • The Second Freedom: The Freedom to Speak
  • The Third Freedom: The Freedom to Actualize
  • Assessing Authenticity and Freedoms: A Self-Completion Diagnostic
  • The Management Task in Authentic Organizations
  • Beyond the Tipping Point