Creative Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination To Work

  • 3h 20m
  • Michael Michalko
  • New World Library
  • 2011

Why isn’t everyone creative? Why doesn’t education foster more ingenuity? Why is expertise often the enemy of innovation? Best-selling creativity expert Michael Michalko shows that in every field of endeavor, from business and science to government, the arts, and even day-to-day life — natural creativity is limited by the prejudices of logic and the structures of accepted categories and concepts. Through step-by-step exercises, illustrated strategies, and inspiring real-world examples he shows readers how to liberate their thinking and literally expand their imaginations by learning to synthesize dissimilar subjects, think paradoxically, and enlist the help of the subconscious mind. He also reveals the attitudes and approaches diverse geniuses share — and anyone can emulate. Fascinating and fun, Michalko’s strategies facilitate the kind of light-bulb moment thinking that changes lives — for the better.

About the Author

Michael Michalko is one of the most acclaimed creativity experts in the world. His bestselling books include Thinkertoys, ThinkPak, and Cracking Creativity. He has given speeches, workshops, and seminars on fostering creative thinking for clients ranging from associations and government agencies to Fortune 500 corporations, such as DuPont, Kellogg’s, General Electric, Kodak, Microsoft, Exxon, General Motors, Ford, AT&T, Wal-Mart, Gillette, and Hallmark. He lives in Rochester, New York.

In this Book

  • Creative Thinkering—Putting Your Imagination To Work
  • Introduction—Why Are Some People Creative And Others Not?
  • Once We Were Creative
  • The Same Old Ideas
  • How To Think Like A Genius
  • The First Idea
  • Why Didn’t I Think Of That?
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s Secret
  • Change The Way You Look At Things, And The Things You Look At Change
  • Ticktock Or Tocktick
  • Thinking The Unthinkable
  • Ideas From God
  • Intention Is The Seed Of Creative Thinking
  • Change The Way You Speak, And You Change The Way You Think
  • You Become What You Pretend To Be
  • Conclusion—Dancing In The Rain
  • Appendix—Random Words
  • Notes