Creativity in Talent Development

  • 2h 9m
  • Donna Porter, Nancy A. Tennant
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2022

Grow Your Creativity Skills

Creativity is a natural and renewable resource that exists in every person and helps us inspire, communicate, persevere, problem solve, rise to the occasion, and spark innovation. Creativity skills can be developed, nurtured, and cultivated.

In the talent development context, TD professionals apply creativity to build personal capability and competitiveness, create talent opportunities, solve talent problems, and address business and learning needs for organizations. Part of the ATD Soft Skills Series, Creativity in Talent Development offers a purposeful and practical way to become more creative. This book defines creativity and outlines how you can smash organizational, team, and personal barriers, and it will have you unleashing your inner creative and inspiring creativity in others.

Creativity and innovation experts Donna Porter and Nancy Tennant guide you through a creativity journey and development process to help you rediscover your curiosity and grow your abilities. Learn how to support creative habits, design environments for creativity, and master dynamic delivery for virtual events. You will be ready to use your creativity skills to ideate and initiate a new learning product or service or reimagine how the TD function operates.

Included are creativity journal exercises for you to practice and develop your creativity skills.

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In this Book

  • About the Series
  • Series Foreword
  • Introduction
  • What Creativity Means
  • Why Creativity Matters
  • Barriers to Creativity
  • Why Creativity Matters to Talent Development
  • Be Curious
  • Be You: Inspire Yourself
  • Be With: Inspire Others
  • Be-Yond Real
  • Be More: Lead Others
  • Epilogue
  • References


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