Crushing Quota: Proven Sales Coaching Tactics for Breakthrough Performance

  • 4h 1m
  • Jason Jordan, Michelle Vazzana
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2019

Make sales coaching a daily priority for top-of-game staff performance

Those who do it right prove time and time again that sales coaching works. If you’re one of the many managers yet to reap the benefits of sales coaching, the solution is in your hands.

Based on one of today’s most popular sales training programs Crushing Quota breaks the process down into manageable components, so you can make sales coaching a realistic, meaningful part of your staff’s job. It all comes down to three critical points that the vast majority of sales managers today are missing:

  • Provide clear direction for sellers on how to get to quota―for all sales roles
  • Ensure effective execution by coaching the right things, in the right measure, executed the right way
  • Assess seller performance and make timely course corrections

It’s all about helping your people make the best use of their time and effort. That’s what coaches do. When a salesperson is skilled at making important decisions about which priorities to pursue and which ones to ignore to―results follow. It’s that simple.

Crushing Quota teaches you how to develop the best coaching approach for your teams and their individual sellers using powerful research-based best practices. This is the definitive guide to making sales coaching work for any sales team in any industry.

About the Authors

Michelle Vazzana and Jason Jordan are founding partners of the sales training firm Vantage Point Performance, which specializes in building research-based management practices that revolutionize sales performance. Vazzana is a prolific researcher and thought leader in the sales management and coaching domain and is the first to truly focus and simplify sales coaching into executable practices that create the environment for long-term performance change. Jordan is a thought leader in business-to-business selling and conducts research into management best practices in hiring, developing, measuring, and managing world-class sales organizations.

In this Book

  • The Case for Better Sales Coaching
  • Welcome to the Jungle: The Scary Reality of Sales Management
  • Sales Coaching: How it's Wrong and Why it Fails
  • Deciding What to Coach
  • Structuring Coaching Conversations
  • Formalizing Sales Coaching into your Day-To-Day Job
  • Territory and Account Coaching
  • Opportunity Coaching
  • Call Coaching
  • Reality is Messy: Adapting Coaching to a Few Special Situations