Cryptography, Information Theory, and Error-Correction: A Handbook for the 21st Century, 2nd Edition

  • 10h 22m
  • Aiden A. Bruen, James M. McQuillan, Mario A. Forcinito
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021


A rich examination of the technologies supporting secure digital information transfers from respected leaders in the field

As technology continues to evolve Cryptography, Information Theory, and Error-Correction: A Handbook for the 21ST Century is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the secure exchange of financial information. Identity theft, cybercrime, and other security issues have taken center stage as information becomes easier to access. Three disciplines offer solutions to these digital challenges: cryptography, information theory, and error-correction, all of which are addressed in this book.

This book is geared toward a broad audience. It is an excellent reference for both graduate and undergraduate students of mathematics, computer science, cybersecurity, and engineering. It is also an authoritative overview for professionals working at financial institutions, law firms, and governments who need up-to-date information to make critical decisions. The book’s discussions will be of interest to those involved in blockchains as well as those working in companies developing and applying security for new products, like self-driving cars. With its reader-friendly style and interdisciplinary emphasis this book serves as both an ideal teaching text and a tool for self-learning for IT professionals, statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, electrical engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Six new chapters cover current topics like Internet of Things security, new identities in information theory, blockchains, cryptocurrency, compression, cloud computing and storage.  Increased security and applicable research in elliptic curve cryptography are also featured. The book also:

  • Shares vital, new research in the field of information theory
  • Provides quantum cryptography updates
  • Includes over 350 worked examples and problems for greater understanding of ideas.

Cryptography, Information Theory, and Error-Correction guides readers in their understanding of reliable tools that can be used to store or transmit digital information safely.

In this Book

  • Historical Introduction and the Life and Work of Claude E. Shannon
  • Classical Ciphers and Their Cryptanalysis
  • RSA, Key Searches, TLS, and Encrypting Email
  • The Fundamentals of Modern Cryptography
  • Modes of Operation for AES and Symmetric Algorithms
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • General and Mathematical Attacks in Cryptography
  • Practical Issues in Modern Cryptography and Communications
  • Information Theory and its Applications
  • Random Variables and Entropy
  • Source Coding, Redundancy
  • Channels, Capacity, the Fundamental Theorem
  • Signals, Sampling, Coding Gain, Shannon's Information Capacity Theorem
  • Ergodic and Markov Sources, Language Entropy
  • Perfect Secrecy: The New Paradigm
  • Shift Registers (LFSR) and Stream Ciphers
  • Compression and Applications
  • Error-Correction, Hadamard, and Bruen–Ott
  • Finite Fields, Modular Arithmetic, Linear Algebra, and Number Theory
  • Introduction to Linear Codes
  • Cyclic Linear Codes, Shift Registers, and CRC
  • Reed-Solomon and MDS Codes, and the Main Linear Coding Theory Problem (LCTP)
  • MDS Codes, Secret Sharing, and Invariant Theory
  • Key Reconciliation, Linear Codes, and New Algorithms
  • New Identities for the Shannon Function with Applications
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • IoT, The Internet of Things
  • In the Cloud
  • Review Problems and Solutions


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