CSR and Sustainability in the Public Sector

  • 5h 56m
  • David Crowther, Shahla Seifi
  • Springer
  • 2020

This book focuses on CSR in the public sector, in all its manifestations around the world, in order to consider its application in practice and its connections to sustainable objectives.

This book is unique in that all chapters were written by members of the Social Responsibility Research Network. Their ideas have been tested and refined through the feedback given after they were presented at the 16th International Conference.

The approach used in this book is based on the tradition of the Social Responsibility Research Network – a worldwide body of scholars that, over its 20-year history, has sought to broaden the discourse and to treat all research as inter-related and business-relevant.

The book examines diverse aspects of how CSR and sustainability apply to, and are applied by, a variety of public bodies in a variety of ways. Thus, the authors focus on the priorities of these organisations, in order to consider the extent to which the focus has changed so much that we need to think about new approaches to our understanding of CSR and sustainability and differing effects in practice. The international mix of authors makes this an original contribution, sharing some of the best ideas from around the world

About the Authors

Professor David Crowther is President of the Social Responsibility Research Network and has organised all 25 of its international conferences. He is the Founding Editor of Social Responsibility Journal – the leading journal in this field. He has published 50 books and over 400 articles.

Shahla Seifi is based at the University of Derby, UK, and is Conferences Chair of the Social Responsibility Research Network. She has published several books and a number of articles.

Together they organised the 18th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and 9th Corporate Governance Conference, held in Barcelos, Portugal. The papers included in the volume were selected from those presented at the conference.

In this Book

  • The Developing Public Sector Perspective
  • Accountability and Sustainability Reporting in the Public Sector. Evidence from Italian Municipalities
  • The Portuguese Tax System for Non-Profit Institutions
  • Environmental Accounting—A Case Study of Implementation in Brazilian Public Airports
  • Sustainable Development of Human and Social Capital in a Socioeconomically Challenged Community in Brazil
  • The Theory of Attachment in Contexts of Public and Social Marketing—Study of the Program “Portugal Sou Eu”
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Perspective of Social Economy Entities—A Bibliometric Study
  • Emerging Trends on Sustainability/Integrated Reporting—Public and Private Perspectives
  • CSR and Nation Building Agenda in India—An Accounting Framework for “Multiplier” Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Why Some Public Accounting Reforms Tend to Fail—Evidence from Belgian Public Accounting Reform
  • The Importance of Ethics and Values for the Students in the Polytechnic of Guarda—Portugal
  • Social Responsibility at the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre—From the Experience Gained to the New Challenges
  • Social Responsibility—Proposal of Social Re-Inclusion of Inmates of the Brazilian Prison System Through Higher Education
  • The Social Entrepreneurship and the Development of Human Capital Building Social Capital—The Case of the University of Fortaleza
  • The Future of the Accounting Degree