Customer-Driven Project Management

  • 9h 37m
  • Bruce T. Barkley, James H. Saylor
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2001

Reorganize any project for improved efficiency and quality

Designed around numerous case studies, Customer-Driven Project Management, Second Edition drives home the importance of front-end customer involvement for project managers and engineers alike. Authors Bruce T. Barkley and James Saylor have added six new chapters to this edition, focusing on Internet support systems, selling the project, and a model for e-business projects. This integrated approach to Custom-Driven Project Management (CDPM) explains the new enterprise project life cycle and gives you a wide range of effective tools for developing customer-driven teams. You learn how to:

  • Use people involvement tools and techniques
  • Recognize senior management’s role in project review
  • Be aware of the full range of personal and professional issues
  • Apply definition, selection, and analysis tools and techniques
  • Work with project management and system development tools and techniques
  • More

About the Authors

Bruce T. Barkley is co-author of the first edition of this book, faculty member with the Keller Graduate School of Management in Atlanta, Georgia, and Project Administrator with Universal Avionics Systems Corporation, a global high-tech electronics firm. Mr. Barkley has served as Vice President of The Learning Group Corporation, instructor with the University of Maryland and Manager of Consulting for the Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity. He is the recipient of the University of Maryland's "Excellence in Teaching" award.

James H. Saylor is the author of the TOM Field Manual, TOM Simplified, and co-author of the first edition of this book. He is the founder of The Business Coach (the and Vice President of Operations and Logistics for ELKAY PLASTICS COMPANY. Mr. Saylor has over 30 years' experience in organizational development, quality management, project management, integrated logistics support, and training. He has coached, trained, and facilitated many public and private organizations in achieving their specific goals.

In this Book

  • Customer-Driven Project Management
  • Project Management in the E-World: Changing Rules and Roles
  • Customer-Driven Quality and Scheduling
  • Project Management and Quality
  • Historical Perspective on Project Quality Management
  • Leadership and Quality
  • The Eight-Step Process
  • A Summary of Tools
  • Quality Project Review
  • Customer-Driven Teams (CDTs)
  • "Brand You" and Professional Growth
  • Quality Team Skills
  • Translating Expectations to Specifications
  • Process Tools
  • Tools for Quality Decisions
  • Work Flows
  • Work Breakdown and Scheduling
  • More Tools
  • Some Future Considerations
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Bibliography