Customer Innovation: Customer-Centric Strategy for Enduring Growth

  • 3h 53m
  • Marion Debruyne
  • Kogan Page
  • 2014

A new set of organizations have combined customer centricity with innovative power, and they have created an outside-in approach to the market. They are not driven by what they're good at. They start with the market and design their strategy around it, which enables them to be ahead of the curve in discovering new market opportunities and develop new products and services faster than ever before.

What sets these organizations apart is how they relentlessly listen to their customers, innovate and adapt their business model to build the ideal customer solution. When they can't do so themselves, they collaborate with outside parties to complement their in-house competencies with the competencies they're missing to enable new customer solutions. As a result of their customer focus, outside-in organizations operate according to a reversed value chain -- the customer becomes the starting point and the value chain is the result of understanding customer needs and requirements.

Innovation expert Marion Debruyne explains how to become an outside-in organization by constantly connecting with the market to anticipate changes, converting customer insights into actionable change and collaborating with others where their own capabilities fall short. Packed with real world examples from leading global companies, Customer Innovation provides the framework needed to shift from a product-oriented to a solutions-oriented focus and from a transaction-based to a co-creation-based customer relationship.

In this Book

  • Customer Innovation—Customer-Centric Strategy for Enduring Growth
  • Introduction—Connect-convert-collaborate
  • Connect using the first lens—Zooming into the customer—five practices
  • Convert the first lens by innovating every day—Be a moving target, not a sitting duck
  • Collaborate with customers—Put customers at the core
  • Connect using the second lens—Zooming out beyond the product
  • Convert using the second lens—Create customer solutions
  • Collaborate along the value chain—Closing the gap
  • Connect using the third lens—Avoid the trap of myopia
  • Convert the third lens in business model renewal
  • Collaborate in flexible ecosystems
  • The playbook for enduring customer-based growth—Three essential capabilities