Cyber Crime Investigations

  • 6h 53m
  • Anthony Reyes, et al.
  • Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Inc.
  • 2007

As a cyber crime investigator you've undoubtedly encountered situations where there's little or no guidance to aid you in your decision making process. Often, you find yourself posting 'hypothetical' questions to an anonymous list server, in the hope that some stranger's answer would ring true. Although you've done your due diligence, sleepless nights accompany you as you contemplate how your decision will come back to haunt you. Cyber Crime Investigations: Bridging the Gaps Between Security Professionals, Law Enforcement, and Prosecutors provides you with all the information necessary to make educated and authoritative decisions when is comes to cyber crime investigative issues. The book begins with a chapter describing the most common challenges faced by person's investigating cyber related incidents. The next chapters introduce the readers to the problems they will encounter at each step of the investigative process. Issues dealing with response, collection, documentation and prosecution of cyber related crimes are addressed and laid out for the reader to make educated decisions. Each step of the cyber investigate methodology is covered and both sides of the issue are addressed equally. Even though the authors present both sides of the issue evenly, ultimately they will choose what course of action they would take and explain why. Where investigative tools are discussed, the author will detail the functionality of the tool, and provide examples of how the tool is used in the illustrated scenario.

In this Book

  • The Problem at Hand
  • “Computer Crime” Discussed
  • Preparing for Prosecution and Testifying
  • Cyber Investigative Roles
  • Incident Response—Live Forensics and Investigations
  • Legal Issues of Intercepting WiFi Transmissions
  • Seizure of Digital Information
  • Conducting Cyber Investigations
  • Digital Forensics and Analyzing Data
  • Cyber Crime Prevention