Cyber Denial, Deception and Counter Deception: A Framework for Supporting Active Cyber Defense

  • 5h 3m
  • Alexander W. Tsow, Ben Schmoker, Frank J. Stech, Kristin E. Heckman, Roshan K. Thomas
  • Springer
  • 2015

This book presents the first reference exposition of the Cyber-Deception Chain: a flexible planning and execution framework for creating tactical, operational, or strategic deceptions. This methodology bridges the gap between the current uncoordinated patchwork of tactical denial and deception (D&D) techniques and their orchestration in service of an organization’s mission. Concepts for cyber- D&D planning operations and management are detailed within the larger organizational, business, and cyber defense context. It examines the necessity of a comprehensive, active cyber denial scheme.

The authors explain the organizational implications of integrating D&D with a legacy cyber strategy, and discuss trade-offs, maturity models, and lifecycle management. Chapters present the primary challenges in using deception as part of a security strategy, and guides users through the steps to overcome common obstacles. Both revealing and concealing fact and fiction have a critical role in securing private information. Detailed case studies are included.

Cyber Denial, Deception and Counter Deception is designed as a reference for professionals, researchers and government employees working in cybersecurity. Advanced-level students in computer science focused on security will also find this book useful as a reference or secondary text book.

In this Book

  • Cyber Denial, Deception and Counter Deception—A Framework for Supporting Active Cyber Defense
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Bridging the Classical D&D and Cyber Security Domains
  • Intrusions, Deception, and Campaigns
  • Cyber-D&D Case Studies
  • Exercising Cyber-D&D
  • Considerations, Adaptation, and Sharing
  • Countering Denial and Deception
  • Capability Maturity Model
  • Cyber-D&D Lifecycle Management
  • Looking to the Future
  • Cyber-D&D Taxonomy
  • False Virtual Persona Checklists
  • Deception Maxims Applied to Defensive Cyber-D&D
  • Strategic Denial & Deception Capabilities
  • Appendix E: Definitions
  • References


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