Data Center Handbook: Plan, Design, Build, and Operations of a Smart Data Center, 2nd Edition

  • 22h 57m
  • Hwaiyu Geng
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2021


Written by 59 experts and reviewed by a seasoned technical advisory board, the Data Center Handbook is a thoroughly revised, one-stop resource that clearly explains the fundamentals, advanced technologies, and best practices used in planning, designing, building and operating a mission-critical, energy-efficient, sustainable data center. This handbook, in its second edition, covers anatomy, ecosystem and taxonomy of data centers that enable the Internet of Things and artificial intelligent ecosystems and encompass.

In this Book

  • Sustainable Data Center: Strategic Planning, Design, Construction, and Operations with Emerging Technologies
  • Global Data Center Energy Demand and Strategies to Conserve Energy
  • Energy and Sustainability in Data Centers
  • Hosting or Colocation Data Centers
  • Cloud and Edge Computing
  • Data Center Financial Analysis, ROI, and TCO
  • Managing Data Center Risk
  • Software-Defined Environments
  • Computing, Storage, and Networking Resource Management in Data Centers
  • Wireless Sensor Networks to Improve Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
  • ASHRAE Standards and Practices for Data Centers
  • Data Center Telecommunications Cabling and TIA Standards
  • Air-Side Economizer Technologies
  • Rack-Level Cooling and Server-Level Cooling
  • Corrosion and Contamination Control for Mission Critical Facilities
  • Rack PDU for Green Data Centers
  • Fiber Cabling Fundamentals, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Design of Energy-Efficient IT Equipment
  • Energy-Saving Technologies of Servers in Data Centers
  • Cybersecurity and Data Centers
  • Consideration of Microgrids for Data Centers
  • Data Center Site Search and Selection
  • Architecture: Data Center Rack Floor Plan and Facility Layout Design
  • Mechanical Design in Data Centers
  • Data Center Electrical Design
  • Electrical: Uninterruptible Power Supply System
  • Structural Design in Data Centers: Natural Disaster Resilience
  • Fire Protection and Life Safety Design in Data Centers
  • Reliability Engineering for Data Center Infrastructures
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics for Data Centers
  • Data Center Project Management
  • Data Center Benchmark Metrics
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Data Center Air Management
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment of Data Centers Using Measurement and Management Technology
  • Drive Data Center Management and Build Better AI with IT Devices as Sensors
  • Preparing Data Centers for Natural Disasters and Pandemics


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