Data Modeling for the Business: A Handbook for Aligning the Business with IT using High-Level Data Models, First Edition

  • 3h 12m
  • Chris Bradley, Donna Burbank, Steve Hoberman
  • Technics Publications
  • 2009

Did you ever try getting Business and IT to agree on the project scope for a new application? Or try getting Marketing and Sales to agree on the target audience? Or try bringing new team members up to speed on the hundreds of tables in your data warehouse - without them dozing off?

You can be the hero in each of these and hundreds of other scenarios by building a High-Level Data Model. The High-Level Data Model is a simplified view of our complex environment. It can be a powerful communication tool of the key concepts within our application development projects, business intelligence and master data management programs, and all enterprise and industry initiatives.

Learn about the High-Level Data Model and master the techniques for building one, including a comprehensive ten-step approach. Know how to evaluate toolsets for building and storing your models. Practice exercises and walk through a case study to reinforce our modeling skills.

About the Authors

Steve Hoberman is a world-recognized innovator and thought-leader in the field of data modeling. He has worked as a business intelligence and data management practitioner and trainer since 1990. He is the author of Data Modelers Workbench and Data Modeling Made Simple, the founder of the Design Challenges group and the inventor of the Data Model Scorecard.

Donna Burbank has a unique perspective on the field of data modeling - having helped design and produce several of the leading metadata and data modeling tools in the market today, as well as having spent many years as a consultant implementing these solutions. As a consultant, she has worked with Global 2000 companies worldwide and as a software provider, she has been instrumental in the development efforts at Platinum Technology, Embarcadero Technologies, and CA.

Christopher Bradley has spent almost 30 years in the field of Information Management working on Master Data Management, Enterprise Architecture, Metadata Management, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence implementations. Currently, Chris heads the Business Consultancy practice at IPL, a UK based consultancy.

In this Book

  • What is a Data Model?
  • Why Does a High-Level Data Model Matter?
  • A More Detailed Look at the High-Level Data Model
  • Layout and Formatting Tips for High-Level Data Models
  • What is in a Name?
  • Different Modeling Notations
  • How High-Level Data Modeling Fits With Other Data Initiatives
  • Creating a Successful High-Level Data Model
  • High-Level Data Model Templates
  • Putting the Pieces Together
  • Justifying a Data Modeling Tool for the High-Level Data Model
  • Key Data Modeling Tool Features for the High-Level Data Model
  • An Approach for Evaluating Data Modeling Tools for Your High-Level Data Model
  • Case Study: Using VHDMs and HDMs at an International Energy Company
  • Works Cited
  • Suggested Reading